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Vision, Mission, and Values


“The vision of Applied Science University is to be one of the leading private universities supporting practical learning and scientific research in Bahrain and the Gulf”.


“ASU is committed to offering an education that is accessible to academically competent students of Bahrain, the Gulf and beyond, and to deliver academic programmes of quality that graduate students equipped with knowledge and skills relevant locally and regionally. ASU is further dedicated to the promotion of a culture of learning and research for its students, staff and faculty, strengthening  academic and professional partnerships, and developing networks locally, regionally and globally to engage meaningfully with Bahrain and Gulf Community at large.”

Values and Principles

ASU’s community values honesty, fairness and academic integrity as fundamental to its vision and mission, and will recognize, affirm and uphold this value in a responsible and committed manner.

Collaboration and Team Spirit:
ASU’s community recognizes collaboration and team spirit to be at the heart of the institutional culture and will promote these values in a dedicated manner.

ASU’s students, faculty and staff cherish loyalty and commitment and recognize these values to be inherent in their culture of cooperation and dedication.

Social Responsiveness and Community Engagement:
ASU’s students, faculty and staff value their partners, networks and communities and intend to engage with them, in a thoughtful, respectful, responsible and meaningful manner.

ASU’s community values quality as an ideal and standard that should characterize its processes, outcomes, people and partners.

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