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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

As a nice gesture, the University held last Thursday,25 January 2018 a ceremony to recognise all the academic members who participated in the “The Good Teaching Conference” held on Sunday,21 January 2018.

This was the second round of the conference. The first one took place in the previous academic year 2016-2017. Comparing between both conferences, we notice that this one showed improvement in the performance of the academic staff and a better morale and acceptance of the importance of the event.

The ceremony was under the Patronage of Professor Ghassan Aouad, the President of the University and attended by Dr. Assem Al-Hajj, VP for Academic Affairs and Development, College Deans and most of ASU academic staff members.

The event was marvelously organised by the staff of the Deanship of Student Affairs and contained a remarkable video of the conference with photo shots of all academics during their presentations, accompanied with an enthusiastic and well-chosen piece of music.

At the beginning, Professor Ghassan Aouad delivered a speech clarifying the important role of the conference for the accreditation process. In addition he highlighted the vital role of academics in learning from each other and enhancing their teaching/ learning skills, which would be reflected on their educational professional practice.

This was followed by a poem delivered by Professor Murad Aljanabi related to the conference and showing the harmony that existed during the Good Teaching Conference.

The President of  the Universityhanded over ceritifcatesof participationto staff members, andspecial certificates awarded tobest presenters fromdifferent sessionswho were: Dr Nympha Joseph, Mr Noel Lavin, Dr Wadah, Dr Atheelah AlAzawi, Mahmood Sabry and Dr Faiza Zitouni.

Furthermore, the President handed over copies of the Proceedingsof the International Conference on Sustainable Futures (ICSF) to those academics who presented their papers during the Conference that was organised by ASU last November in the Grove hotel and was attended by numerous prestigious academics from more than 60 countries around the globe.

The last part of the event involved a group pictureof the academics to commemorate the ceremony that had its positive impact on the moraleof theUniversity’ academic staff members, and hoping to see them again in the coming round of the “Good Teaching Conference No 3”.

The event was a great success, many thanks tothe excellent MC of the event Mrs Ruqaya Mohsin, and the organising team; Dr AdelAl-Samman, Dr Faiza Zitouni,Ms Hadeel Bucheiri, and Mr Francis.

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